Could my dog make me sick?

Could my dog make me sick?

Apr 30 , 2021

Many pet owners question if they are capable of spreading sickness to their dog or vice versa. The simple answer is yes. Though it is rare, there a variety of illnesses and diseases that can be transferred from pets to owner.

For example, when it comes to the common cold the virus is not transferable from human to dog. Canines are immune to the human version of the cold. Instead they suffer from their own version in the form of "kennel cough" and various respiratory infections. However, when it comes to the flu the virus can be transferred from owner to pet.

In some cases it has also been reported that canines that are sick with a stomach bug can in fact pass a version of the virus on to people. It should be noted this is generally a rare occurrence due to variables in the body chemistry of pets to people. This is why it is recommended not to have close contact with sick canines.

The most well known virus reported from canine to person is rabies. This is a disease that can be deadly to both people and animals if not recognized and treated immediately. Other viruses that can be transferred from a canine to a person include but are not limited to salmonella, campylobacter, bordetella and leptospira. The good news is that most common sicknesses in canines are easily treated with proper care from a trained professional.

Though it has been said that canines have one of the healthiest mouths, it is important to wash your skin if you come contact with their saliva. Most owners of canines neglect this as they consider "licks" to be a sign of affection.

The best way to determine what types of diseases and viruses can spread from a pet to a person is to speak with a trained veterinarian.