When should you euthanize your dog?

When should you euthanize your dog?

Apr 30 , 2021

When to Euthanize Your Dog?
Your beloved dog gets older, you may wonder when it’s time to euthanize your furry friend to keep them from suffering. It’s always a tough decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly and can cause a lot of stress on the entire family. We want the best for our companions and do not want them to suffer, but when is a good time to let them go is the question. The following are signs your beloved pet is ready to be put down.

If your canine is in pain, it can be hard to treat unlike with human pain, it is easier to treat. Signs your animal is in pain consist of constant panting, pacing in the home, no appetite, and lack of interaction with family. If you see these signs from your animal, take them to the vet to be evaluated, it could be a simple medication to help reduce the pain and make them more comfortable.

If your canine has stopped eating and drinking, this is a sign your animal is closer to the end of life. It’s important for your animal to eat, drink without assistance however if your furry friend is not mobile but can still eat and drink, it’s not the best time yet. Keeping a daily log of how much and when your dog eats and drinks can help you determine how much they are taking in. Lack of eating or drinking can result in major organs shutting down.

If the canine is no longer mobile, and can’t get out of the home to use the bathroom, no longer eating or drinking, it’s time to make them at peace. The most comfortable way to euthanize the canine is in their own home. Unfortunately, there is no certain day that is good to euthanize the pet. Work with your veterinarian to determine when to euthanize, the time and location to keep your pet the most comfortable.