How to tell if your pet is in pain

How to tell if your pet is in pain

Apr 30 , 2021

When a person is experiencing discomfort, it's not hard to tell. We can verbally express how we're feeling, and we can make facial expressions to show our discomfort. When it comes to dogs though it's a totally different story. If they're not feeling well how would we know? It's not like they can verbally communicate their feelings to us. There are a few signs to look for in a dog that may not be feeling so well.

1. Constant grooming

If your dog is experiencing a lot of discomfort, you may notice them constantly licking their paws. When a dog is hurt it will try to clean the wound by licking it. Even when there is no wound there, dogs will lick the area of discomfort to try to comfort itself. If this is something you notice your dog constantly doing, especially if it's out of the ordinary, you need to take a trip to the veterinarian .

2. Changes in sleeping and eating patterns

Loss of appetite is to be expected if your pet dog is feeling bad. They will sleep more in an attempt to drown out the pain or if there is an infection that's causing the pain.

3. Changes in behavior

When a dog is feeling discomfort they express similar behavioral changes like humans. They don't want to be touched, they may be cranky or aggressive and they may experience restlessness.

4. Increased vocalization

A dog that isn't feeling well will more than likely be more vocal than usual. They may whine, growl, whimper or howl. You should definitely notice that something isn't right because they will do this more often than they normally would.

5.Changes in breathing

For dogs to breathe heavily after running or exerting themselves in any way is normal. If they are panting constantly, especially while not doing much of anything they may be ill.