House Training Your Dog

House Training Your Dog

Apr 30 , 2021

How To House Train Your Dog
Dogs can be a handful, especially when they are young. No matter what breed, these cute and lovable animals still need to be taught how to act around our household. Just like our human children, they are part of the family, and we need to train them accordingly so that they know what to do and when. Also like humans, they don't always know better, especially if we don't take the time to guide them in the right direction. Here are a few good methods to start house training our dogs.

1. Bathroom
One of the most important things to teach them is where they should use the bathroom. They can't use the toilet like us, because they don't know how. We also don't want them using it all over our house. So we need to start off by walking them on a leash outside, to help them figure it out.

2. Don't Reward Too Consistently
When we are training them, we love it when they do the right thing, especially in front of other people. However, we can't give them a treat every time they do something right, or they'll begin to think, "Hey, if I do this, I'm owed a treat." Petting and saying "Good boy/girl is fine in most cases, because they realize they did a good thing and are being praised. But feeding them every time is unhealthy.

3. Basic Commands
The main thing we need to teach these four-legged babies is how to follow basic commands such as "sit", "stay", "come." They also need to learn "No" and "Leave it,", for when they try to get into something they shouldn't. For example, the garbage.

Once they have learned the basics above, then it will be safe to teach them more entertaining tricks. First though, we need to earn their trust by giving them ours and training them how to be a part of our families.